Thrive 13 in1 Magnetic Body and Face Massager


Thrive Electric 13 in1 Magnetic Body and Face Relief Massager

Thrive Massager for whole body massage.Handy and comfortable design,with thirteen different attachments,two speed to give fast & slow massage.

With the current life style ( added with onset of summers) everybody experiences stress and tension your body is most likely to become a ticking bomb which will explode resulting in sickness.

We introduce the absolute latest in personal pain relief massagers and that too with 13 magnetic attachments bringing relief to different parts of your body. This body relief massager comes with 2 position selector switch - Low speed for body relaxation and High speed to prevent tiredness.

13 magnetic attachments for knees, face, scalp, muscles, general body and more. Very easy to operate and change attachments just snap on and pull off. Comes with very handy and rigid design to give you a stimulating massage. It works on AC 230-50Hz.

Features and Specifications

  • Category : Head, Face and Body Massager
  • Brand : Thrive
  • Attachments : Thirteen
  • Made In : India
  • Accupressure Support : Yes
  • Thermal support : Yes
  • Vibration Support : Yes
  • Weight : 400 gms approx.
  • Best Use : Relaxation, pain reliever and oil massage


Free Shipping & Handling Charges

RS. 1299/- Only

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