Ready Matic Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor MH-777 with Adaptor

Fully Automatic Ready Matic Blood Pressure Monitor machine allows you to monitor your Blood Pressure. It has Intelligent Pressure Control, Double Users Management system.

Ready Matic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine allows you to track the variances in your blood Pressure level over the course of time.


Ready Matic Blood Pressure Monitor Machine renders results very quickly, signifying the most rapid testing procedure possible. With testing this quick and easy, you can expect minimal interference with your daily routine and the ability to get back to doing the things you love to do!

Large Screen Size

Ready Matic Blood Pressure Monitor Machines offers not just one user, but two users Measurement records– it has a large screen rendering results. This ensures that testing results are easy to read on a large display.

Battery Life

Ready Matic Blood Pressure Testing Machine has a excellent battery life, a full 5 times longer than other blood Pressure Monitor Machine in the market today.

Kit Contains

  • Intelligent Pressure Control
  • Last 3 groups Average Function
  • Double Users Measurement Records
  • Super LCD Display
  • Free Adaptor
  • With Users Manual
  • Two Persons Memory 2 x 90
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Attractive Designs


Free Shipping & Handling Charges

RS. 1999/- Only

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