Medigold Breast Pump Manual


Medigold Breast Pump Manual - For Mother Milk (Premium Quality).

Medigold Manual Breast Pump. It is convenient pull handle design for easy use,suction around mamilla is uniform making aspiration comfortabel for the mother, easy to carry around.

Ideal for the mothers who want to keep feeding time clean and smart, Medigold introduces this breast pump that saves time and is designed with superior technology. Manually operated, this breast pump comes with a built-in bottle that stores the milk.This breast pump is non-toxic and safe for your little one.

Flexible and portable, the lactating mothers can now carry this breast pump with them even while travelling. Breastfeed your child for a longer time with this breast pump. Medigold Breast Pump Pes Bottle - Manual triggers milk secretion and allows a natural let-down. Being lightweight, you can easily maintain this breast pump and keep it clean and hygienic and unifected.

Design for Comfort and Safety

Collect breast milk for your baby with ease with the Medela manual breast pump. Featuring adjustable vacuum levels, it ensures that milk flows easily into a bottle, with comfort and less effort. Its comfort breast shield fits comfortably on your nipple areola and syncs with the suction rhythms to gently stimulate the flow of milk. Apt for every women, the comforting Medela breast pump allows you to give your little one perfect nourishment when you are away. This pump proves to be an ideal solution for mothers who have difficulty in breast feeding continuously. Being PFA free, this breast pump is safe to use as well.

Breast Pump Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Individually adjustable vacuum.
  • One Unit Lancing Device.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Owner's Manual with instructions.
  • Single pumping.
  • Suction around mamilla is uniform.
  • Aspiration comfortabel for the mother.
  • Carrying Case.

Breast pump care

  • Unplug breastpump prior to cleaning.
  • Use a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe breastpump
  • Touching inside bottles & lids should be avoided.
  • Always start pumping at minimum level.

Breast Pump

Breast Pump Price

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